Science Forum

HISTORY:  Formation of Science Forum, Government Degree College, Dharmanagar, Tripura (N)

    On November 20, 2009 the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Tripura, arranged a meeting with the faculty members and Principals of the Government Degree Colleges of North and Dhalai districts were requested to attend the meeting.

   Accordingly, representatives from Ambedkar  College- Fatikroy, Ramkrishna Mahavidyalaya- Kailasahar, Government Degree College- Kamalpur and Government Degree College- Dharmanagar were present in the meeting. The venue of the meeting was Professor’s common room of Government Degree College, Dharmanagar.

    The Honourable minister of Science and Technology- Sri Joy Gobindo Debroy, Commissioner and Secretary Shri  Sriram Tarankanti, Member Deputy Secretary Shri  Mihir Lal Ray, Scientist Subhranil Ray were present in the meeting on behalf of Department of Science and Technology, Government of Tripura. After valuable discussions the higher officials of the Department of Science and Technology suggested to constitute a Science Forum in all higher education centres in Tripura. They had requested the authority of all colleges to form a Science Forum within short days.

The organizational structure of the forum was suggested as

  1. President: Principal of the concerned college
  2. Coordinator: One teacher nominated by the Principal
  3. Secretary: One student from the concerned college
  4. Joint Secretary: One student from the concerned college

Members: Students from the concerned college.

    As a consequence, in the meeting of Teachers council of GDC Dharmanagar dated 30th November, 2009, Dr. Suvadip Paul, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, was selected as the coordinator of Science Forum. Within few days, the complete forum has been formed.

Different activities of Science Forum in 2009-2010

1. After the formation of the forum on 30th November, it got a huge platform to work for. Subdivision level Science Fair was held on 17th-19th December, 2009 at Padmapur H.S School, Dharmanagar. Our college participated in the fair and contributed four scientific models from different departments. The theme of the fair was  ‘Science, Technology and Society’. Under the main theme there were six sub-theme-  1) Climate Change- Causes and Consequences,  2) Green Energy,  3)Biology in Human Welfare, 4)   Information and communication Technology, 5) Mathematics in everyday life, 6) Science and technology in games and sports. We participated there spontaneously.

2. Our college also performed a science drama to recreate the people present in the sub-division level science fair. The title of the drama was, DRISTIKON.

3. Tripura State Council of Science and Technology had supported us to observe the National Science Day in 2010. February 28 was designated as National Science Day by Government of India, This day was observed to mark the Novel discovery of ‘Raman Effect’ by the great  Indian Scientist  Sir C.V.Raman on 28th February, 1928. As 28th February, 2010 was a Sunday, we had organized a programme on 17th March, 2010 as a part of celebration of National Science Day. The theme of the National Science Day-2010 was ‘Gender equity for  peace and prosperity’. Faculty members of different department had actively participated in the programme and shared their views on the theme assigned.

      At the starting of the program, HODs of Science departments had paid their tribute to the great Indian Scientists of different branches. At first, Principal-in-Charge of the college paid her tribute to Sir C.V.Raman for whom the NSD is meant.

      After  that different speakers presented their views on ‘Gender equity for peace and prosperity’. Few speakers pointed out the contributions made by the various Indian scientists from ancient times.

      To provide an overall concept about National Science Day and about the newly constructed Science Forum, we had prepared two information bulletins which were distributed among the audience when the program was going on. To encourage the students, at the end of program, we had distributed some prize to the students who had represented the college in the last science fair.

Different activities of Science Forum in 2010-2011

1. Our college had also participated in the State Level Inter College Science Drama Competition. With the financial grant received from Tripura State Council for Science and Technology, that time Dasaratha Deb Memorial College,  Khowai had organized that occasion very efficiently. It was held on 27th August-1st September, 2010 in Khowai Town Hall. Our drama was staged on 30th Sept. at 7 PM.

        Title of the drama was: “Alor Pother Sandhani”.

2. Government Degree College, Dharmanagar made active participation in State Level Science Fair-2010 which was held on 28/12/2010-01/01/2011 at the premises of Children’s Park, Agartala. The theme  of the fair was ‘Science and technology for challenges in life’, under which there were six sub-themes- 1) Biodiversity: Conservation and Sustains, 2) Agriculture  and Technology, 3) Green Energy,  4) Transport and Communication, 5) Community Health and Environment and 6) Mathematics modelling. We have participated in the fair with four scientific models. We were overwhelmed with the feedback from the intellectual part of the society.

Different activities of Science Forum in 2011-2012

1. This year the drama competition was organized by N.S. Mahavidyalaya, Udaipur. The students of Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar, Tripura (North) participated in this science drama competition. They performed on a drama based on the biography of the great scientist Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy. The title of the drama was “Banger Biggani”. Total 11 students participated in this drama competition. The date of performance of the drama by the students of Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar, Tripura (North) was on 30th September 2011.

2. We had arranged a one-day seminar on 29/02/2012 as a part of the celebration of National Science Day-2012. Large numbers of students were present at the seminar and the program was by and large successful. Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal, Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar, inaugurated the Program.  At the starting of the program, Dr. Suman Adhikari, convener of the Science Forum, Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar, paid his tribute to Sir C.V.Raman for whom the NSD is meant and gave an overview about the focal theme of the seminar, “Clean Energy Options and Nuclear Safety”About 8 participants presented their views on “Clean Energy Options and Nuclear Safety”. A major issue that was discussed amongst participants was that of risk about the use Nuclear energy. Shri Abhijit Dutta, Assistant Professor of Botany, Shri Bijan Deb,    Assistant Professor of Physics, Dr. Manik Bhattacharjee, Assistant Professor of Economics, also gave their valuable lectures. To encourage the students, at the end of the program, Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal, Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar, distributed some prizes to the students who had presented their views on the Seminar.

Different activities of Science Forum in 2012-2013

1. After formation of the new body of Science Forum, 2012-2013, GDC Dharmanagar, our first activity was to participate in the  ‘Inter college & University Science Drama Competition-2012’,  held on 27/11/12 to 29/11/2012 at Women’s College Agartala. Our act was on 29th  afternoon & we performed our best there.

2. As a part of the celebration of the 125th Birth Anniversary of the great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyenger, we organized a  delightful program on 5th of December at our college. All teachers & students from different departments were present there to memorize the great mathematician & to enjoy the program. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Shantirekha Sinha, Associate professor, GDC Dharmanagar. The seat of the president was decorated by the Principal of the college Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit.  Dr.  Suvadip Paul & Dr. Raghunanadan Das delivered special speeches on the biography of Ramanujan. A quiz competition & an instant speech competition were arranged by the forum. Students participated there spontaneously. The arrangements were amazing. Shri Tarun Kumar Debkanungo was the quiz master .He handled the whole program smartly with the help of two other respected teachers, namely  Dr. Ranendra Chandra Nath & Shri Rajib Lohar. At the end of the day some prizes were distributed among the participants to encourage them for future.

3. Awareness program on ‘Climate Change With Special References To Tripura Aspect:- We had arranged seminar/awareness program on ‘Observation of National Science Day’ & Awareness  program on ‘Climate Change to Tripura Aspect’ on 13TH of March 2013 at Supdt. Of Agriculture, Panisagar. The focal theme was directly related to the agriculture. So we arranged the program among the farmers and students. This program was jointly organized by Supdt. Of Agriculture, Panisagar K.V.K, Panisagar, in collaboration with Govt. Degree College ,Dharmanagar and Catalyzed & Supported by Tripura State Council For Science & Technology. Agriculture Officers, Scientists, College Professors discussed widely on this field.

4. Seminar on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’:- On the 31ST January 2013, we organized a seminar on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’. After inauguration of the program by Dr.Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal of GDC, Dharmanagar, Dr. Suman Adhikari, Convenor of the Science Forum- GDC, Dharmanagar awared the importance of the program. After that other dignitaries delivered their views on that topic. Large number of students were present there and in between the program a quiz competition was held occasionally.

Different activities of Science Forum in 2013-2014

1. Participating  in Science Fair-2013:-This year our college obtained marvelous result in Science Fair. Our college won the 1ST among all the colleges of Tripura. It was held between September 28 TH to October 1ST,2013. The model on “MULTI PURPOSE WATER SUPPLY POINT AND WATER CONSERVATION PROCESS” by Jaki Paul, Brajendra Nath & Sultan Hussain was highly appreciated by the experts. It was a great achievement for our Science Forum body as well as GDC, Dharmanagar.

2. Meet The Scientists Program:- We arranged meet the scientist program on 5Th December 2013 at Vivekananda Swardha Shatabarshiki Bhawan, Dharmanagar. Prof. Shyamal Chakraborty from Calcutta University inaugurated the program. Shri Mihirlal Roy, Deputy Secretary , Tripura State Science & Technology was present as guest. Prof. Chakraborty delivered speech on biography of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy. And Shri Tapan Saha (Secretary Bangiya Bigyan Parishad) spoke on water conservation & proper use of water. Thousands of students from various schools & GDC, Dharmanagar participated in this program.

3. Organizing Inter College and University Science Drama Competition:- Arranging such a huge Competition was really challenging to us. From Dec. 12TH to 16TH, 2013, the science lovers of Dharmanagar enjoyed the competition like a festival.  Lots of people participated to make the program successful & fulfilled. At the end of the competition, Women’s College, Agartala achieved the 1ST prize. Organizing such a program was really a great experience for us.

4. Seminar on Fostering of Scientific Temper:- We had arranged a program on Fostering of Scientific Temper on 28TH February at our college. Dr.Raghunandan Das delivered speech on that topic. Students of our college spontaneously participated in that program.

Different activities of Science Forum in 2014-2015

1. Students of the college participated in the State Level Science Fair in the MTB HS School, Agartala held on 12th September 2015 to 15th September 2014 and the group of Jacky Paul and Brajendra Nath secured second position among the participants displaying a model of “Multipurpose Instrument for Low Cost Thrashing and Winnowing by Farmers”.

2. A state level science seminar was organized on 7th November,2014 in the Vivekananda Shardha Satabarshiki Bhawan in collaboration with TSCST, Agartala and made it a grand  success with deliberation of lectures from the esteemed speakers Dr. Himadri Shekhar Das, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Physics, Assam University, Silchar, Sri Abhijit Nath, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Chemistry, G C College, Silchar and Sri Probal Kr Chawdhury, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Botany, G. D. C, Dharmanagr. Sri Nath delivered a speech on "NANO PARTICLES", Sri Chawdhury spoke on "LETS MAKE OUR WEEDS POPULAR" and Dr. Das delivered a talk on "IN SEARCH OF AN INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE".

3. Students of the college also participated in the State Level Science Drama Competition in the ICFAI university campus held on 19th January 2015 to 21st January 2015 and performed a drama “UVOY SONGKOTE” directed by Sri Jishu Debnath on 21st January 2015.

4. National Science Day was also observed in the college premises on the theme “SCIENCE FOR BUILDING NATION”. DR. Raghunandan Das, Dr. Supriya Dam and Dr. Santanu Ghosh delivered their valuable speech on the prescribed theme beautifully to enrich the students.  The meeting was presided over by Sri BasuKr. Debnath, Principal In-charge and other distinguished  guests present were Smt. Pratima Das , Sabhadhipati, UTZP and Sri Swapan Chanda, Vice Chairperson, DMC.

Different activities of Science Forum in 2015-2016

  1. Street Drama for Fostering Scientific Temper Against Superstition/ Blind Belief

On the 31st day of August, 2015 the Science Forum of Government Degree College, Dharmanagar had organized street drama in different key locations of Dharmanagar Municipal Corporation area for generation of awareness and fostering scientific temper among the local people against superstition / blind belief.

The five major spots selected were:

      DNV Chowmuhani

      Power House Corner

      Thana Road Traffic Point

      Netaji Statue (Dighur Par)

      Old Motor Stand Traffic Point

In the 15 minutes act the students of the college along with members of science forum elegantly and lucidly attempted to enlighten the necessity of generation of scientific temper against superstition and also pointed to the necessity of education in the irradiation of blind beliefs.

The eight member team of the street drama performed the drama very nicely and the presence of the crowd was sensational.

2.  Popular science Talk and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Memorial

Like previous years on the 3RD Day of April,2016, the Science Forum, Government Degree College, Dharmanagar organized a Popular science Talk & A P J Abdul Kalam Memorial Lecture catalyzed and supported by Tripura State Council for Science and Technology in the Vivekananda Shardhasatabarshiki Bhawan.

The programme was presided over by Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal, Government Degree College, Dharmanagar. The programmee was inaugurated by Sri Nirmal Saha , AsociateProfessor and DDO, Govt. Degree College Dharmanagar. Sri Abhijit Datta, Co-ordinator, Science Forum delivered the welcome speech and thanked the colleagues and organizations who helped to make the programme a grand success along with the esteemed speakers.

Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit , Sri Nirmal Saha and Dr. Manik Bahattachatjee, Secretary, TC, also elaborated the significance of the discussion alongwith giving overview of the discussions.

Two orators viz. Dr. Ankan Sinha and Prof. Mihir Kanti Deb delivered excellent speech in presence of more than 1100 students of different schools and colleges, reporters, teaching and nonteaching staffs of the college and others.

While Dr. Sinha spoke elaborately on Sports science related matter; Prof. Deb gave an extensive and interesting overview of A P J Abdul Kalams’ life and achievements.

The programme was a grand success. 

3.      Student Project Programmee

As a new student activity Tripura State Council for Science and Technology organized Student Project preparation and Presentation this year on 2nd to 3rd March, 2016 and Two teams from Government Degree College, Dharmanagar participated there and presented their project work successfully.

Although they were not able to secure any position in the said competition but their work and presentation was highly appreciated by the judges and other authorities. The two teams consisted of following members:

TEAM –A : Dayita Das and Rupali Biswas

( Project: A survey on deposited pollutants in the drains of Dharmanagar municipality and biocontrol of Mosquito by biocontrol agents)

TEAM-B: Rashmita Nath and Anushree Goswami

( Project: Developmentr of Vermicompost unit and awareness programmee among the village people and students for the betterment of our society and environment)

The guide for both the project was Dr. Ranendra Chandra Nath.

4.           National Science Day  Celebration on 29-02-2016

The Science forum of the college organized National Science Day celebration in the form of seminar in the college premise on 29th February 2016 as 28th February was a Sunday. Large numbers of students were present in the seminar and the program was by and large successful. Dr. Atish Ch. Ghosh , Dept. of Botany presided over the meeting. Dr. M. Bhattacharjee , Secretary, TC, Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar, inaugurated the Program.  At the onset  Sri Abhijit Datta, convener of the Science Forum, Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar, paid his tribute to Sir C.V.Raman-the NSD is meant for whom and gave an overview about the focal theme of the seminar, Make in India- Science & Technology Driven Innovations which was also the theme of Science Day this year.

Dr. M. Bhattacharjee , Secretary, TC, Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar, also paid his tribute to Sir C.V.Raman-the NSD is meant for whom and gave an excellent introduction to the seminar.

 Two lectures delivered on the focal theme was by Dr. Suman Adhikari and Dr. Ankan Sinha. While Dr. Adhikari discussed the relevance of science and technology in our day to day activities as well as development of nation; Dr. Sinha laid emphasis on technology driven innovations in the field of sports and games.

Two groups of students presented their report of project work to be submitted to Students Project in MBB College, in March 2016.

At the end the president gave a conclusive speech on the national development through science and technology and announced the end of the seminar.

A nominal arrangement of refreshment was also there for the audience and guests.

5.          Lecture for creating Environmental Awareness

On 14-03-2016 the Science forum of the collegeorganized a talk cum environmental awareness campaign for biodiversity conservation among ther students of the college. The programmee was presided over by Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal,GDC,Dharmanagar.

Ex student and now a renowned conservationist Sri Chiranjib Debnath, Sipahijala wild life sanctuary delivered a nice lecture on the conservation of snake species of Tripura.

More than 150 students along with teaching and non teaching staffs attended the lecture and enjoyed it to a great extent.

A nominal arrangement of refreshment was also there for the audience and guests.

6.            Dasarath Dev Memorial Centenary Lecture

On 29-03-2016, Dasarath Dev Memorial Centenary Lecture was organized in the college in presence of more than 200 students.

The programmee was presided over by Sri Nirmal Saha, Associate Professor, GDC, Dharmanagar and two hon’ble speakers on the theme was Sri Sajal Chakrabarty, HM, Nayapara HS School and Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal,GDC,Dharmanagar.

Both the orators delivered excellent speech on the life and activity of the great personality, Late Dasarath Dev.

A nominal arrangement of refreshment was also there for the audience and guests. 

Present Science Forum (2016-2017)             

—  Dr. Sambhunath Rakshit, Principal- President

—  Abhijit Datta- Co-ordinator

—  Dr. Ankan Sinha- Teacher member

—  Rajat Debnath- Teacher member

—  Anant Trivedi- Student Member

—  Sandip Roy- Student Member

—  Abhishek Som- Student Member

—  Sayan Dey – Student Member

—  Rupam Chanda – Student Member

—  Joydip Nath- Student Member

—  Saumik Deb- Student Member

—  Snigdhakshi Bhattacharjee- Student Member

—  Saumik Bhowmik- Student Member

—  Prajjwal Chakraborty- Student Member

—  Ratnadip Chakraborty- Student Member

—  Ria Adhikari- Student Member

—  Abhishek Roy- Student Member

—  Ananya Bhattacharjee- Student Member