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about Prayas

An international journal of multidisciplinary studies
PIJMS is an open access, international, peer-reviewed, annual research journal of research contributions in the field of Arts, Science & Commerce intended for Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, scholars, academicians, professionals and students engaged in research. The main purpose of the journal will be to encourage research publication and provide an international forum to disseminate knowledge. The language of the journal is English. The initiative is taken by the Government Degree College, Dharmanagar, Tripura, India and is the first refereed research journal from Tripura. PIJMS is indexed in DIIF, Citefactor and Cosmos Impact Factor.

Dear Readers and Contributors,

I take immense pleasure to present the PIJMS. This peer-reviewed journal is the first attempt of its kind in the state of Tripura. I hope this journal will enthuse high quality research activities in the state and will encourage the readers as well. I feel mere gathering knowledge is not sufficient unless and until there is ample endeavour to apply the gathered knowledge. Finally I congratulate Mr. B. M. Daas who made the journal PIJMS a grand success.


Dr. S. Rakshit, Principal

From the Editor-in-Chief's desk

Dear Readers and Contributors,
I would like to thank the all eminent advisers and referees, who responded to my request, encouraged me and bore the strain to pick the right manuscripts and help the authors to edit them, whenever necessary. Without the support of each and every one associated the journal would have been impossible. I hope in near future PIJMS would attain high impact factor and good number of citations. Kindly wish the journal success.
Let the spirit never die…
Let it consistently dive and fly…
With no sign whatever of any sigh…
In the overhanging, looming sky…
With gloomy clouds passing by...   


B. M. Daas, Editor-in-Chief


Some Feedbacks
S. B. A. Mazumder, NEHU – “My publishing experience with PIJMS has been a wonderful one. The prompt updates and friendly emails were very motivating. I look forward to my next publishing experience. I would recommend this journal to my colleagues.”
R. Sahoo, JMI Central University - “I am really impressed and glad to see your attempt for such an academic work.”
S. Chatterjee, Kalyani University - “PIJMS is a high level literary master piece which collects research articles from eminent scholars, get those reviewed minutely by relevant experts and publish them with grandeur in their online domain.”
J. Bhattacharjee, Vivekananda College of Education - “Any sort of publication is a mirror of the institute from where it is published. PIJMS is undoubtedly an appreciatory approach. I wish a grand success of this endeavor” 

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An international journal of multidisciplinary studies

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