In association with IGNOU, Govt. Degree College, Dharmanagar offers a wide range of Programmes both short-term and long-term leading to Certificates, Diplomas, Post Graduate Diplomas, Undergraduate Degreees and Post Graduate degrees which are conventional as well as innovative. These courses are launched with a view to fulfill the learner's need for: 

Improvement of skills
Acquisition of professional qualifications
Continuing education and professional development at work place
Self enrichment
Diversification and updating of knowledge

Courses Offered:

1. MEG (Master degree in English)

2. M.Com (Master degree in Commerce)

3. M.P.S. (Master degree in Political Science)

4. MAPY (Master degree in Philosophy)

5. MAH (Master degree in Hostory)

6. MA (EDU) (Master degree in Education)

7. MSW (Master degree in Social Work)

8. MARD (Master degree in Rural Development)

9. MEC (Master degree in Economics)

10. MPA (Master degree in Public Administration)

11. MSO (Master degree in Sociology)

12. BCA (Bachalor in Computer Application)

13. BSW (Bachalor degree in Social Work)

14. BDP (Bachalor degree program, B.A, B.Com)

15. BTS (Bachalor degree program in Tourism Studies)

16. DTS (Diploma in Tourism Studies)

17. PGDRD (Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development)

18. DAFE (Diploma in HIV and Family Educatiom)

19. PGDESD (Post Graduate Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development)

20. CTS (Certificate in Tourism Studies)

21. CRD (Certificate in Rural Development)

22. CFN (Certificate Course in Food and Nutrition)

23. CNCC (Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care)

24. BPP (Only for admission in B.A, B.Com, BSW and BTS)

25. CIT (Certificate course in Information Technology)

26. CTMP (Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics)

27. CIG (Certificate in Guidence)

28. CAFE (Certificate in HIV and Family Education)

29. CDM (Certificate in Disaster Management)

30. CBS (Certificate in Business Skills)

31. ACE (Appreciation course in Environment)


For any information contact :

                             Sri Basu Kumar Debnath, Associate professor, Co-Ordinator, Mobile No. +91 9436768908

                             Sri Nirmal Saha, Associate professor, Asstt. Co-Ordinator, Mobile No. +91 9436132725

                             Dr. Manik Bhattacharjee, Asst. Professor, Asstt. Co-Ordinator, Mobile No. +91 9612835597